Forget The iPhone, Let's Support This Thing

At some point, smartphone ownership can start to feel like a runaround. You buy the phone with the new! best! features! and a year later, Apple (or whoever) reveals a newer phone with the newer! bester! features! and your phone becomes obsolete. Enter Phonebloks, a brilliant modular concept phone.


The concept, from designer Dave Hakkens, is of a totally modular phone with separate "parts" that can be swapped out, removed, or upgraded, depending on the needs of the user. When they make a faster chip or a better screen, you could simply buy a new chip or screen without replacing the entire phone. If you just want a lot of disk space or battery juice and don't care about your camera, you could sacrifice the one for the other. Smart!

And sure, it may be unrealistic. It doesn't seem to be designed with profitability in mind, which would make it a tough sell for cell phone manufacturers. And I have no idea if it would even be possible to engineer something like this. (Though if they can put a freakin' fingerprint scanner on an iPhone, surely someone could make something like this work?)

But whatever, this idea is too appealing to ignore completely. Why not explore it? See what happens? You don't have to give them money to support the idea; all they ask is that people go to Thunderclap and lend them some social media push. And what's the harm, really? Phonebloks may never amount to anything, but you never know.

(via Laughing Squid)

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Your old phone does not become obsolete with the release of a new device. My son still is using an iPhone 3Gs and my wife is using an iPad2 and they get along just fine.

Consumers who treat their devices as some sort of twisted status symbol are the only ones feeling obsolete with the release of new hardware.

App development for iOS is pretty good at keeping lots of devices relevant. In fact, rarely is there apps just for the latest hardware. Sure, my son's iPhone can't run everything anymore, but it is becoming a dinosaur phone by phone standards...however, he still gets along just fine with it and it still works great. (I can't speak to Android as we don't use those devices, but the same may be true there as well).