Forget Money, Japanese Esports Tournament Is Giving Away Crabs (Yes, Actual Crabs)

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At this year’s Toyama Gamers Day in Japan, it’s only fitting that the prize for the game Fight Crab in the King Crab Tournament is, wait for it, crabs.

But, as Kai-You points out, not just one crab but a total of one hundred during the entire tournament.

Why crabs? Well besides the fact that the tournament is for Fight Crab, Toyama is famous for the sea creature. These aren’t just any crabs that are being given away but beni-zuwaigani (red snow crab), a local delicacy. They are also expensive, with a single red snow crab priced at around 3,000 yen ($28.60).


Giving away crabs, I guess, is a way to sidestep Japan’s messy regulations for esports winnings. (Organizers are also giving away crabs to winners of the Fortnite tournament.)

Only 128 people are allowed to enter the tournament, which will be held on October 24, with competitors facing off on the Switch version. Fight Crab was developed by indie game developer Masafumi Onuki, who is also responsible for the games Neo Aquarium and Ace Of Seafood. The man likes seafood and whoever wins this tournament should, too.

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so my first read of the title said that a ‘Japanese escorts tournament is giving away free crabs’ which makes more sense than the real title.