​Forget Magic Dragons. Let's Watch Godzilla Rampage In Skyrim.

Godzilla is a giant lizard who breathes fire. That kinda makes him a dragon, right? No wonder he looks right at home in Skyrim. And that guy watching? Well, he's the Dovahkaiju, of course.


Modder Quechus13 takes the original version of the famous monster from the Toho flms and throws him into Tamriel, along with robot doppelganger Mechagodzilla and Rodan. As great as this looks, hearing that Godzilla shriek so damn much is an assault on folks' ears. Not going to be sad to see the King of the Monsters go down for the count after all that screaming.

[via Taltigolt]

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I would try it out if he or she implemented more than one sound clip. Now if they somehow get godzilla to do this:

... i would install it in a heart beat. I guess godzilla and mecha Godzilla are edited were wolf models?