She plays as an Orc, characters who are arguably the bad guys of the World of Warcraft universe. But last night, Colleen Lachowicz—the Democratic candidate whose activity in World of Warcraft was the subject of a Republican smear campaign—won an election that leveled up her political career.

Last month, the Maine Republican Party set up a website alleging that Colleen Lachowicz wasn't fit to be a state senator because she plays World of Warcraft. In response, the candidate fired back at her opposition, saying that her gaming habits make her just like millions of other Americans. It looks like she turned out to be right.

According to the Bangor Daily News, Lachowicz outperformed Republican opponent Thomas Martin by 1900 votes in her home district of Waterville. The buzz generated by the political attacks rallied gamers to her cause and helped Lachowicz's fund-raising efforts. Gaming isn't a passion that aligns along party lines, but the victorious candidate offered up the following shout-out on her campaign's Facebook page.


+10 XP to you, Senator Lachowicz.