You know, ten bucks is a lot for a hamburger. Especially from a fast food joint. And especially when it doesn't look so delicious. But what if it tastes good?

Last week, Japanese fast food chain Lotteria launched its latest "Reward Burger" (ご褒美バーガー or "Gohoubi Baagaa"). Called the Japanese Black Cattle Beef Hamburg Steak Burger, it's a four-centimeter thick patty made from Japanese beef and slathered in truffle sauce.

The burger is priced at 1,000 yen, which is US$9.70, and available for a limited time. Lotteria said it wanted customers to order the burger as a treat to reward themselves for working so hard in 2013.

Above is the poster for the burger. Boy, this looks delicious.

And... here's the actual burger.


Oh. Um, okay! Below, you can see the patty sliced in half.


Gah. It's a big ball of meat. That's... not necessarily a bad thing! Some photos online do look slightly better (here's a good pic), but as noted by Naver, the actual burger's sloppy appearance baffled people in Japan. "The hell is this?" wrote one person online. "If this is going to cost 1,000 yen, I want it to look a little better," wrote another.

But folks who actually coughed up the money and ordered the burger seemed to say it was "really delicious." Don't judge a book, er, burger, by its cover!


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