For A Bootleg Pokémon Game, This Looked Pretty Good

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Screenshot: Fanya Game Ltd/디야TV@YouTube
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This week, a bootleg Pokémon game called Pocket Trainer DX was finally pulled from the Google Play store. It featured Pokémon characters and art, and for a totally unofficial app, it didn’t look too shabby.


The Korean language game, created by one Fanya Game Ltd, was released on January 6 and featured art from the Pokémon anime. Bootleg games are not uncommon, but what made this stand out was how much effort it reflected. It doesn’t look like some lazy clone!

The Google Play store listing talked up the app’s high-quality graphics, that it featured over 200 Pocket Monsters, and allowed for players to face off against each other.

As Nico Nico reports, Pokémon’s South Korean branch sent out a warning, and as of today, it has finally been pulled from the store.

“We do not recognize this as an official app from The Pokémon Company,” a Pokémon spokesperson told IT Media. “We are currently reviewing the details.”

See the game in action below:

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