Meet Tae Ryun Huh. She isn't today's hamburger hero. She is the hamburger hero of a lifetime.

As Kotaku first broke back last December, watching males and females eat is very much a thing in South Korea. In the past few years, more and more Korean television shows have featured thin people eating insane amounts of food (here, here, here, um, here, and here).

So it wasn't surprising that on a recent episode of TV Scoop Wonderful World (TV특종 놀라운 세상), 105-pound Tae Ryun Huh showed off her gluttonous eating habits. It was impressive, though.

Here the 40-something year-old is with two plates of food for lunch at the school where she works.

Yep, she finishes both.

Then around 3pm, she's feeling hungry so she orders a snack.

Ten hamburgers. Ten orders of fries.



Bam. All done. Or is she?

Here is her snack cabinet at school.

More snacking.

The show followed her to the supermarket, where she pushed around two shopping carts, both filled with food.

Watch out!

Dinner that night was, like, five packets of noodles.


Man, my stomach would have exploded by now. But you know, this isn't the first time she's appeared on television. Last year, she appeared on E News 24.

She also went to the supermarket.

She did the same shopping cart trick, but...better!

Tae Ryun Huh is actually one of the school's physical education teachers and has even written a book on using a jump rope to get in shape and diet. In the past, she said she was overweight, and she was able to get fit by exercising.

That being said, even for someone who exercises a lot, she can really pack away those burgers and fries. And rice. And noodles. And potato chips. And cookies. And, well, pretty much everything.

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