Open up those wallets! Here is a one-to-one scale Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear from Attack on Titan. It looks just like the real thing (*save for the flying bit).

The replica is made from aluminum, silicone, and resin. The whole contraption weighs 10 kilograms or 22 pounds.

Try getting airborne with that on your back. Heck, try running with that on. You know, standing and posing for cosplay pictures might work out best...

Below are more photos from Twitter user 3go5pb:

[Photos: 3go5pb]

Priced at 107,784 yen (US$1018), this Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear mock-up will be released next January in Japan.

進撃の巨人 1/1スケール 立体機動装置 [Movic]

Top photo: MBS

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