Following Kotaku On Facebook? Then You Probably Know About Today's Giveaway

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Are you following Kotaku on Facebook? I hope so! We give away lots of neat things on Facebook. Things like early access to video games and cool swag. And besides getting a chance to win neat prizes, it also makes you instantly super cool and lets you pass around the best of Kotaku's stories. ZU-PEAR COOOOLE!!!


Check out who's already hooked up and then join them and bask in the sunny glow of being a Kotaku follower and my very own BFF.

Make sure you sign up soon. We've got a bundle of Kane & Lynch 2 demo codes to give away on Facebook today.


Just hit the "like" button to join your friends in following Kotaku on Facebook.

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i get so confused by things like gizmodo and lifehacker telling me all the evils of facebook and how to remove them from my life and then having contests and giveaways i can only access ON facebook.

you converted me into a nonbeliever! now why can't i win swag too!