Folklore Dev Was Working On Tom And Jerry For Brash [Update]

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Game Republic, (in)famous for its work on Genji and Folklore, as well as its founder Yoshiki Okamoto, was working on a Tom and Jerry game tie-in with an upcoming movie, according to a new interview.


That's an "incredible fantasy world"?

Okamoto told 1UP at the Tokyo Game Show that his team was developing the Tom and Jerry game for Brash, which specialized in movie-licensed titles like Alvin & the Chipmunks, Jumper and Space Chimps. The publisher was reported to have shut down operations in November, according to Variety.

Tom and Jerry wouldn't have been Game Republic's first licensed venture. It developed Dragon Ball: Origins for the Nintendo DS and Brave Story: New Traveler for the PSP.

No word yet on whether Game Republic's plans for Tom and Jerry have been shelved, but one Game Republic game that North Americans shouldn't hold out for is the PlayStation Network title Dark Mist. Okamoto says that he doesn't expect SCEA to release it in the region, despite already being localized.

Update: Apparently not! That "[laughs]" should have tipped me off that Okamoto was just being facetious about making a Tom and Jerry game. I don't get Japanese humor, y'know! Game Republic is rumored to be working on both a Clash of the Titans remake and a second 300 video game.

Yoshiki Okamoto Explains What's Up With Game Republic [1UP]


*That's an "incredible fantasy world"?*

You have a smart mouse, beeing chased by an immortal cat, in some sort of time paradox after which they all forget what happened and start over again. Also the laws of zen and karma are broken in this alternate universe, because the mouse always wins and the cat always looses.

If that isent an incredibile fantasy world, i don't know what is. :)