The Europeans are lucky enough to get Goichi "Suda51" Suda's mystery adventure game Flower, Sun and Rain for the Nintendo DS this October. We, the rest of the Earth, are at least able to enjoy the game's trailer, which not only features someone (Suda?) taking the Nestea plunge, but has pink alligators and a fantastic smooth jazz soundtrack โ€” the kind that makes me want to donate my ears to the less fortunate. Described as "an unyielding Groundhog Day style adventure", Flower, Sun, and Rain is a remake of the PlayStation 2 release of the same name. The trailer proudly proclaims that "Suda51's masterpiece is finally here" which we hope isn't a slight to the man's other titles. True story: I once shared a cab with Suda. That's the entire story. It was largely uneventful as everyone made it home safely in a short amount of time.