Christopher Caldwell, 36, has been arrested after security staff at a Walmart in Florida told police they found him stuffing a PS4 inside his pants. And then some.

Local crime blog Off The Beat (via @ZhugeEX & pixeldynamo) say Caldwell was found in the bike section of the Port St. Lucie Walmart “sticking the PlayStation 4 in his pants”. The affadavit then says “Christopher then began concealing the accessories into his pants as well”. He then tried walking out of the store without paying, with all that stuff just...inside his pants.

Caldwell, who was already on Federal probation, is now up on a felony grand theft charge.

Like...was the PS4 still inside the box? And even if it wasn’t, what were the accessories? A couple of DualShock 4s? The PS4 camera? What kind of pants was he wearing?