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Flight Simulator Pilots Make 16-Hour Flight From LA To Dubai In Real Time

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

One of the big draws with Microsoft’s new Flight Simulator is that it recreates the entire planet to scale. What that means is, if you want, you can fly from one airport to another in real-time. And few airports are further away in a single trip than LAX and Dubai International Airport.

It takes around 16 hours to fly there in the real world, on a seemingly roundabout route that takes you over Canada, the North Pole then down through Europe and into the Middle East.


It’s not the longest route in the world—Singapore to New York is 19 hours, while Perth to London is 17—but it’s pretty close. And in the interests of making records and creating quality slow television, some streamers like Bruce Greene and Boon decided to fly the whole thing in real-time, complete with pilot uniforms, a cockpit and obligatory tiny bottles of booze.

That’s 16 hours! Flying a video game airplane! On a real-time trip! I don’t know how many of you will want to watch the entire journey, but just in case here it is, if only so you can check and see, “Holy shit they actually did it”.

Somehow, this makes me miss air travel.