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Flash-Game Hit Super Mario Bros. Crossover Resurrects an Obscure Port

Super Mario Bros. Crossover, the flash game in which you play through the levels of Super Mario Bros. as Samus, Link, Ryu Hayabusa and other heroes from the Nintendo Entertainment System's glory days, is readying a 3.0 update with even more obscure nostalgia and retro goodness.


The centerpiece of 3.0 will be playing through Super Mario Bros. Special, a Japan-only port of the game for two PC models, the Sharp X1 and the NEC-PC8801. Special added in different enemies and power-ups—including the hammer from the original Donkey Kong, which behaves similarly.

Other upgrades include hard and easy modes for SMBC's levels; harder ones are, duh, harder, while easier ones feature more coin collection. New map skins can also be seen in that trailer above, including Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES and SNES), Super Mario Bros. Special, Castlevania and a low-rez Atari 2600 version.


Jay Pavlina of Exploding Rabbit, the game's maker, says 3.0 will be arriving in May or June. Stay tuned.

Super Mario Crossover 3.0 Trailer [Exploding Rabbit]

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Nintendo needs to figure out the licensing and get this game on the Wii U and 3DS. I know it won't happen...