You Did It, Internet. Goat Simulator Is A Real Thing That You Can Buy.

Goat Simulator wasn't meant to be a game played by the public—it was just the product of a game jam where the devs were playing around with programming stuff. But when the internet saw footage of the game, almost everyone agreed: we need to have a game that lets us mess everything up as a goat. Because CHAOS REIGNS.


We'll see what we can do, Coffee Stain Studios, the developers behind the game, seemed to say—but no promises. Today, however, I can confirm that Goat Simulator will become a real game that anyone can buy. Here's the trailer:

Just like I never knew I wanted to be a goat in a game, I also never knew how badly video games need to let me lick things. Especially if licking things lets me swing an axe at people.

You can pre-order the game for 9.99 here, which will give you early access to Goat Simulator 3 days before it officially releases on Steam. If you pre-order, you're guaranteed a Steam key. Yay!


Flappy bird gets crucified by masses because it's free and horrible.

The (also horrible) Goat Simulator (the actual $9.99 product) exists because of stupidity of the masses and receives a welcome with open arms.

Once again, I feel this is appropriate: