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Zany frontman Wayne Coyne of commercial alt-rock outfit The Flaming Lips has constructed what may be the world first double-neck, double-function Guitar Hero guitar. It's one half genuine guitar, one quarter Guitar Hero guitar controller and one quarter Korg Kaoscillator, making for a cute little noisemaker that you might just see at an upcoming show. While filming jingle promos for NBC, Coyne told Entertainment Weekly what it is and why he made it."I've constructed this great looking Guitar Hero double-neck guitar thing here," Coyne says, smarmily, "because there's a lot of kids out there that actually think this is how you play guitar now, that you just press a series of four or five buttons and... it makes every sound the guitar can make." EW thinks the monstrosity is "Huh-larious!" We think it's mildly interesting and possibly an indicator that we won't see too many Flaming Lips tracks on future Guitar Hero releases. To see Mr. Coyne whack away at his guitar to the tune of NBC's three-note brand, hit up for extensive jingle coverage. Flaming Lips 'Chime In' for NBC [Entertainment Weekly - thanks, Jason!]


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