Five-Year-Old Boy Exposes Xbox Security Flaw

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Meet Microsoft's newest security researcher: Kristoffer Von Hassel. He lives in San Diego. He loves video games. And he's five years old.

He's also a better hacker than any of us. Von Hassel cracked into his dad's Xbox One account by finding a backdoor in the password verification screen, as ABC 10 reports. He entered the wrong password, hit space a few times, and somehow found himself with access to a treasure trove of video games he wasn't supposed to play. Kids these days, am I right?

Von Hassel and his dad reported the issue to Microsoft, and the folks at Xbox not only fixed the issue, but added him to their acknowledgement list as an official Security Researcher. He also gets four free games, $50, and a year-long subscription to Xbox Live.


Now let's all remember never to make this little guy mad.

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