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Until yesterday, I'd only just heard of Dark Void. I'd never played it, never seen videos of it — my only attachment to the game at all were the magic words "jet pack."

Well, now I've had my Dark Void filled in a bit by gameplay and an interview with Associate Producer Shana T. Bryant. Here's what I learned:

1) No, Dark Void is not part of any Capcom Jet Pack Heroes series
Bryant said the developer would've been silly not to make any references to other Capcom jet pack-themed games. However, nothing in the game is officially "part" of a larger overarching series to do with jet packs.


2) Yes, multiplayer would be cool — but it's not planned for the game or for downloadable content (yet)
Again, it's an obvious conclusion for the developer that multiplayer combat in Dark Void would be awesome. However, Bryant explained that it just didn't make it into the game. Nor is Capcom ready to announce any plans for DLC that would somehow introduce multiplayer. "But if it sells well," she said, it's highly likely that multiplayer would make it into Dark Void 2.

3) Nikola Tesla isn't the only real life person to make an appearance in the game
Bryant said it was almost like the developer was "cheating" by including so many real life characters. So far Tesla is the only one the developer has bragged about aloud, but I spotted journal entries in the menu screen for Amelia Earhart. There're also entries for "Akasha" and "Niall ó Loinsigh" — but I'm not sure if those are real people or not. Bryant did say that those who vanish into the Void come from all different time periods (Will and his lady friend Ava are from about 1938) — so keep an eye out for pretty much anybody on this list.

4) Hover Mode changes the nature of gameplay entirely
In the beginning, it sounds like there was only the jet pack. Then the developer decided to add the Hover ability — but nobody really made use of it. So, to entire gamers, the developer made it so that enemies lose accuracy while you're in Hover mode and there are "quite a few" Hover-based Achievements/Trophies, according to Bryant.

5) Basic need-to-knows as follows:
The game is about 10 hours long with three distinct episodes that span a total of 14 missions. The developer is relying on the game's unique air, ground and air-to-ground combat to give the game replayability. The developer isn't ready to announce DLC, but Bryant appeals your sense of economics to predict whether or not they'll go through with it. That's "If it sells, they'll release DLC — if the the DLC sells, expect sequel." Simple, right?

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