Five Reasons Not to Buy the Wii U from a Reputable British Newspaper

With all the excitement surrounding the upcoming release of Nintendo's next console, Britain's largest daily newspaper takes a hard look at the facts of the matter and warns the public against an early Wii U purchase. We should all cancel our preorders right away, as The Sun sets us straight: the GamePad is a Vita, the price is too high and it'll be obsolete in a year.

For those of you in America or other places The Sun doesn't shine (hee), Britain's most widely-distributed newspaper (and the 10th most circulated newspaper in the world) has a repuation for being a little bit sensationalist. Just a little bit. It's a tabloid, and so when gaming advice comes to us through its muddy filter I have a little trouble taking it seriously.


The article, "Will you be picking up a Wii U? Here's five reasons not to" makes several points; five of them, in fact. A couple of them are even valid points, and most of them make sense.

1) It'll be outdated within a year
2) Vita masquerading as the GamePad
3) The threat to all consoles - mobile gaming
4) DS + Wii = fail?
5) It's dramatically over-priced

What does it all mean? Is a combination of two of the best-selling game delivery devices of the past decade a bad thing? Is overpowered the same thing as outdated? Is mobile gaming coming to kill us all?

I have no idea. For those answers you'll have to stare into The Sun.

Will you be picking up a Wii U? Here's five reasons not to [The Sun via CVG]

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