Five Killed In Chinese Video Game Center Rumble

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A relaxing day at a video game center in southwestern China turned deadly yesterday when an argument sparked an armed battle that resulted in the death of five people. According to Chongqing city police as quoted by the official Xinhua news agency, some youths were involved in an argument with the manager of the Milky Way Express games center, which escalated into a full-scale fight involving more than 20 people, some armed with knives and batons. When the smoke cleared, five people were left dead, with at least two injured. Investigators are still trying to determine the initial cause of the violent brawl. As a precaution, earlier today Chongqing city police ordered security inspections of all internet bars and game centers in the area. Five killed in fight at video-game centre in south-west China [Monsters and Critics via Game Politics]


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Probably a Triad feud. Triads were the reason you had to be 18 to be able to go into a video arcade in Hong Kong least the Triads try to recruit you into their fold, willingly or otherwise.