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As part of their effort to make sure that everyone who bought Fable II eventually winds up with the gambling-themed Xbox Live Arcade title Fable II Pub Games, Lionhead has been passing out codes that let players download the pack free. I pointed this out yesterday, though I did question the intelligence and practicality of simply listing the codes on their site, as Lionhead was doing. Let's see just how unwieldy the alternative is, shall we? Lionhead has sent me five free Fable II Pub Games codes, and all you have to do to snag one is be one of the first five people to email me me at with the answer to one, simple question: What is the one song (in my humble opinion) that could secure a win in the war between Guitar Hero and Rock Band? No posting the answer in the comments section until I update the post! UPDATE: And all codes are gone! And my email inbox is flooded! The answer was, of course, Stan Bush's "The Touch" from the original Transformers animated movie. Grats to the five winners!

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