First They Were Banished. Now They're Dying, Thanks To Me.

In Banished all the townsfolk have been thrown out of their nice, comfy homes. It's up to you to help build them some place new and ensure they survive. I took to Banished to see if I could begin anew and create the ultimate safe haven: Leotopia.


Banished is a city-building game with no combat. Just good, honest building. Resources such as stone, wood, and food are all important for your little townsfolk. After all they need new homes and adequate nourishment, otherwise they'll freeze to death or starve.

You can see the outcome for the citizens of Leotopia in my video up above. Banished is available now on Steam, GOG, and its own website.


Wish to tweet words at me? I can be found here @laserfrog.

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Chris Person

There, I fixed it. Now you just have muffins on your hands instead of the death of a child.