The first offering in Valve's new line of collectibles, Team Fortress 2's the Heavy, is now up for pre-order. These lovely limited edition statues can soon be yours, provided you've got the scratch to afford it.

Gaming Heads is now taking orders for four separate versions of the Heavy. The RED Heavy and BLU Heavy will set you back $229.99 USD and are limited to 750 units. The exclusive versions of the RED Heavy and BLU Heavy, both of which come with an alternate, more pensive head and an alternate gun—giving collector's both Sascha and Natascha—will cost a cool $244.99 USD. The exclusive statues are limited to 300 each.

Cheap? No way. But for 13 inches of hand-painted high quality poly-stone sculpture, not outrageous. It's currently beyond my means—and spending justification—but for the collector of fine video game statuettes, it may be the Heavy you've been waiting for. Who's buyin'?

The Heavy [Gaming Heads]