First Street Fighter IV Reviews Are In

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Are you the type to forgo personal experience of a title as a means of determining a title's worth in favour of the opinions of a gaming publication? Are you pumped for Street Fighter IV?


Well, then, you'll be chuffed to know that the first reviews for Capcom's hotly-anticipated fighter are in. And they are - as you'd expect from the first reviews - glowing.

The Official Xbox Magazine give it 9.5/10, saying that it "does the impossible: Preserves the past while embracing the future", while PlayStation the Official Magazine reckons "Street Fighter IV is easily one of this console generation's best fighting games" and give it 5/5.

Course, these are "exclusive" reviews, so pour salt on both the scores - and your expectations - to your particular tastes.

Early positive words on SFIV from Official Xbox and PlayStation Magazines [Capcom]


How do both of them have the exclusive review?