First Street Fighter IV Product Announced

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Have a gander at the first Street Fighter IV figurine. That's of course Chun-Li and Chun-Li's thighs - not to mention Chun-Li's massive feet. (You know what they say about girls with big feet? We don't.) It is a rather nice Chun-Li statue. The ten inch figurine will set you back US$100 and is limited to 700 individually numbered pieces. If that's out of your price range, there is also a 4 inch statue as well that goes for $10. Press release after the jump.

SDCC Exclusive Edition STREET FIGHTER IV Chun Li Resin Statue from Capcom LTD.

On behalf of Capcom LTD. (Booth #5113) We are proudly announcing the release of the first exclusive collector rt piece from the highly anticipated hit video game STREET FIGHTER IV SDCC Exclusive Edition Chun Li Resin Statue.

Conceptualized by the creative minds of Capcom, personally supervised by Mr. Yoshinari Ono (Production director of SF IV), sculpted and manufactured by SOTA Toys (Booth #4245), Chun Li as depicted in STREET FIGHTER IV stands 10 inches tall on a highly polished stand with every bit of details captured from head to toe. Limited to 700 individually numbered units, this work of art reflects over two decades of passion we shared for the game that shaped the culture of more than one generation and is now making the greatest come-back in a brand new installment!

SRP = $100.00

SDCC Exclusive Edition STREET FIGHTER IV Chun Li Mini Statuette

Since the supply of the 10" Chun Li is extremely limited and sure to sell out immediately, there is a limited run of (3000)4" Chun Li statuettes produced with every bit the detail and quality as its 10" counterpart for $10.00. Celebrate in the phenomena of Street Fighter IV by purchasing this exclusive Chun Li figure and play Street Fighter IV in person at the Capcom booth during SDCC!


SOTA Toys, Inc.

Prototype shown, actual product may vary.

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Do Want! (but the price.. i cry manly tears)

;-; why does it hurt to be a SF2 fan?