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We know a Warhammer 40K MMO is coming, we know it's "years away", and we know I'm terribly excited about the whole thing. Aside from that, though, we don't really know squat. Do now! Last month's PC Gamer ran a big feature on the game (of which we've already posted some scraps), which finally got us some answers to some of the more burning questions surrounding the game. Like what kind of game it was, exactly. Vigil's David Adams:

Let me say that this game will be an RPG. That needs to be said, because when someone thinks of a Warhammer 40,000 MMO there is definitely some question as to the style of play: will it be an FPS, an RTS, or some other genre altogether? Relic has the RTS angle covered with the awesome Dawn of War series - we are making an RPG.


Got it? It's an RPG. Though, thankfully, not a terribly traditional one, as its combat sounds more Brothers In Arms than World of Warcraft, with the use of ranged weapons meaning you'll have to pay attention to things like cover, suppression fire, etc. Also touched on were the game's races ("...all of the races important to Warhammer 40,000 lore (not to mention the fans) will be represented"), it's setting within 40K's massive storyline and also NPCs and possible vehicle use.

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