First Pro Evolution 2010 In-Game Shot: Hot Or Not?

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Konami has publicly released the first in-game image from Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 showcasing the series' annual graphical improvements with a shot of cover star Lionel Messi.


Sure, Konami's bragging a bit about the visual tweaking its doing to player models for the 2010 iteration because we already have solid details on what to expect for this year's version. Konami PR points out that the first in-game screen showcases the soccer game's "all-new dynamic lighting effects, where the position of the sun or the illumination from the floodlights is reflected in real time within the shadows cast both on the pitch, stadium, the ball and players."

We'll leave it up to the Pro Evo fans to decide whether Messi's digital model is worthy of highlighting. It's doubtful you'll see this angle too often, so I'd imagine it's the gameplay that matters.


~ Pastafaria Joe ~


The textures and lighting are swell, but man... that vomit-worthy model... /=