First-Person Walking Shows Just How Good Grand Theft Auto V Looks

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With all the gunfights, heist prep and car chases in Grand Theft Auto V, it can be hard to appreciate just how lovely Los Santos is. So, one player decided to stroll through the sprawling West Coast gameworld, all peaceful-like. No punching, no stabbing, just moseying.

What you're seeing in Rapskilian's sped-up walkaround video—captured off an Xbox One—is a quick tour of the neighborhoods, highways, forests and beaches that make up GTA V's various environments. Per a comment made by Rapskilian, the walkabout took about an hour and 49 minutes in real time.


It's tougher to get a feel for the differences of the various locales when you're trying to lose the cops with a four-star wanted rating, but this video really allows the small details to shine. Some places have more trash in the streets, while the posher sections of Los Santos are practically litter-free. Watching the glowing sunsets and twinkling stars is almost enough to make you forget that this is a place designed for horrible things to happen. Almost.

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I have the Xbox One version, is it just me, or does the ps4 version look much better?