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First-Person Mod Lets You Walk Cities: Skylines' Streets

Illustration for article titled First-Person Mod Lets You Walk iCities: Skylines/i Streets
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First-person? In a city builder? It might sound strange, but there's nothing quite like getting your city humming along to a perfect, efficient rhythm and then having a leisurely look around. Now you can see all of Cities: Skylines' smallest details.


The mod, along with thousands of others (already!), popped up today, one day after Cities: Skylines' release. It does exactly as advertised, adding first-person WASD controls to a game often "best" viewed from a top-down perspective. You can grab it on Steam Workshop with a quick click.

So there you go. Now you can fly around your city at a million miles per hour and admire your handiwork up close, or you can try to take things slow—pretend you're out for a nice walk, taking in the sights. Occasionally, it's downright breathtaking, even if the people, structures, and streets are kinda low-poly. Of course, this will also give you a chance to observe how nonsensical some of the game's traffic and human AI behaviors are, but I suppose that can also be its own sort of fun.


Image courtesy of raiderofawesome.

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Maybe it was just a random bug that Luke ran into with traffic because to be honest I seen peoples in the official forums with higher pops then my city and no one else has ran into this problem. I have even watched a few twitch streams where the pop was 100,000 range with highways and all and not one person having that same problem.

I think that traffic problem is not as widespread as you guys make it out to be because if it was I would be seeing a ton of forum post bitching about it. One persons game bugging out dose not a wide scale problem make.