First Peek At Madden NFL 10 Is Full Of Big Ben

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EA Sports meister Peter Moore has a Madden challenge for you. What game improvements can you detect in the first screen shot from Madden NFL 10? If you don't know, the answer is forthcoming.


Mr. Moore proudly touts that this year's edition of the two-decade-old footballer is hitting the "real sweet spot of development for this generation of consoles as the team is really hitting its stride in squeezing every ounce of power and capability from the hardware." But Peter has even more excited pitches planned to encourage Madden fans to buy, buy again.

Madden NFL 10 "is going to continue to push the boundaries of authenticity in gameplay, presentation, and art style." Plus, "the authenticity of gameplay is showing striking improvement in physics, realism and responsiveness." And, for people who like increasingly early announcements, Moore says "the Madden team is taking such dramatic strides this year that we're in the position to go deep on features and details earlier than we've ever done before."

And on top of that, Peter says "it's abundantly clear that this could be the deepest, most graphically-rich Madden ever, and a stunning testament to the talented development team who have had a maniacal focus delivering a landmark title to Madden Nation in 2009." Maniacal! God, this man knows how to pitch!

That's all gotta be exciting for the Madden fan in you. If not, we're sure you'll have some kind of fun picking apart the folding and shadowing properties of Ben Roethlisberger's hip towel. Like? Dislike?

Fight For Every Yard [Peter Moore Blog]


I see EA butt fucking us raw dog with premium DLC for gloves/equipment

I also see people lining up to get the shaft. All while Petey bathes in hundred dollar bills.