First Official Tech Details on Wii U and Its Bold New Controller

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Nintendo's new controller has been revealed, a touchscreen-based device that works with all-new, high-definition hardware. This is our first official look at Wii U.


We've seen it in person, played with its unique control scheme. It is a combination of a more traditional interface—as previously reported, the new controller has two analog sticks, one d-pad, four face buttons, two shoulder buttons and two triggers—and the tilting, turning and shaking motion controls that made the Wii a smash success.

The new controller also incorporates a large touchscreen interface, a front-facing camera, gyroscope, and microphone.

Nintendo offered the following loose technical specifications to Kotaku in a pre-briefing on Nintendo's Wii U.

  • High definition display, up to 1080p resolution via HDMI output
  • 6.2" touchscreen on New Controller, running in non-HD resolution
  • Internal flash-based media storage, upgradeable via USB and SD cards
  • Games ship on proprietary iDensity discs of unspecified, but "large capacity"
  • Games will also be available as downloadable content
  • Console compatible with Wii games and devices
  • Release date between April 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012; or after the end of Nintendo's fiscal year

Read Kotaku's hands-on impressions of Wii U and a handful of new tech demos for more.



Nintendo platform runs 1080p = welcome to 2005