First Official Dragonball Movie Promo Image

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Maybe we've been a little harsh. Maybe Hollywood's Dragonball movie will actually be good. Maybe not! Without an official trailer, all we've had were some crummy quality on-set images. Now we have a somewhat crummy quality scan! Here's the first official promotional image for the DB. It appeared in manga Shonen Jump, where the original Dragonball manga appeared. (Hollywood got that right!) A translation of text that appeared on the promo:

I'll grant you a wish…!!

Rumor after rumor but [now] Dragonball live action movie finally comes true!

Director James Wong of Final Destination, and producer the revolutionary film maker Stephen Chow of Shaolin Soccer. Remarkable casts are Son Goku is Justin Chatwin who played Tom Cruise's son in Steven Spielberg's War of the Worlds, and Master Roshi is Chow yun-fat of Pirates of the Caribbean.

All Dragonball fan's wish are granted now ! We will continue to offer new information to you on Jump Cinema Island !


Another thing they got right: Justin Chatwin's Goku-hair. It's spectacular! Hit the jump for the full image.

Illustration for article titled First Official Dragonball Movie Promo Image

Justin Chatwin as Goku [Dragonball The Movie]

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Oh crap...they're going to try for the hair. I was hoping they'd pass on trying to replicate the hair.

I didn't relalize the guy doing this did Shaolin Soccer. While it wasn't a legendary movie, it had some great examples of what could be done regarding fight scenes.