First Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Video Shows Killer Killstreaks

Infinity Ward has released the first footage of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer action, revealing the customizable killstreaks players can equip after unlocking them. The debut killstreak bonus is amazing—an AC130 air strike.

Yes, you'll be able to whip out the laptop on the battlefield, then rain hell from above, all from the comfort of your AC130 gun ship. Brutal. Looks like players getting hammered with aircraft fire won't be helpless though, as that AC130 is vulnerable to some surface to air smack downs.

We're picking apart the video for other clues—some great multiplayer bonuses are peppered throughout—but your expert analysis is welcome in the comments.


Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer AC130 (Official HD) [YouTube]

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That clip reaffirms why I still feel games such as CoD4 stood out from the bunch of other shooters and other games in general. It's another shooter, but gun play just feels far more satisfying.

Not to mention I'm a huge fan of numbers and messages popping across my screen when I get a kill streak or kill my killer, etc. Im happy with what I just seen, I didn't think I could be any more hyped from the multiplayer.