First Mario Super Sluggers Footage

Looks like it's been lifted off the Japanese Nintendo Channel. And while it's awfully long, it's also awfully informative, taking the time to show you exactly how the game will control, and in the process answering any questions you probably have bout the thing. While it's slightly disappointing the game's controls don't go far beyond Wii Baseball's (in particular the pedestrian pitching), it's a Nintendo game. On the Wii. So it'll sell a million or two regardless.

[via Wii Folder]



People need to understand something:

Nintendo's prime demographics have always been Japan and America. Baseball's always been big in America and it's been getting a steady growth the last ten years. Meanwhile, baseball is absolutely HUGE in Japan recently. It's probably bigger over there than it is here, at this point. Is it any wonder Nintendo's going to put out another Mario baseball game? Especially considering how much fun it was for anyone who enjoys baseball to begin with. People need to piece together that not every single game out there is aimed at them. This is a baseball game with Mario characters. It is, I should think obviously, aimed at baseball fans who dig Mario. You may be surprised by this, but that's a pretty damn large demographic.