[GIF: 東宝MOVIEチャンネル]

Mirai no Mirai is the latest film from Mamoru Hosoda of Wolf Children fame. Here is the picture’s first teaser.

As Kotaku reported earlier this year, Mirai no Mirai tells the story of a 4-year-old boy who has a hard time coming to terms with the birth of his baby sister. Things get magical when a mysterious garden allows him to travel back in time and meet his mother as a young woman.


“If I decided to tell the story of a brother and sister, it’s because after the birth of my second child, our eldest one got the impression that this newly arrived baby stole her parents, which made her ferociously jealous,” Hosoda told Variety at the time. The director added that he then “understood what humans fundamentally desire,” and that’s how his child’s jealously inspired the film.

Mirai no Mirai hits Japanese movie theaters July 20.

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