There's a brand new Call of Duty game coming this year. This Friday, you'll get your first peek at the follow-up to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, courtesy of GameTrailers TV.

While Activision may be embroiled in drama related to its most recent Call of Duty, that won't stop the company from churning out annual sequels to the ultra-popular first-person shooter. In 2010, Call of Duty: World at War developer Treyarch is on tap to deliver a new iteration, already penciled in to ship before the "holiday."


It represents the first Call of Duty game to be released under publisher Activision's new "strategic plans" for the franchise.

GameTrailers TV's promo promises a "global announcement" and "the first teaser trailer" for Call of Duty 7, so make sure you're up at 12:40 a.m. with your eyes glued to Spike TV to catch it.


Episode 310 Promo [GameTrailers TV]

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