First Look At 'Lips', iNiS' Xbox 360 Karaoke Game, And Its Bedazzling Microphone

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A title that's guaranteed to be "announced" at Microsoft's E3 Media Briefing this Monday is Lips, the iNiS developed answer to Sony's SingStar. The musically inclined team behind Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan, Gitaroo Man and Elite Beat Agents was previously rumored to be behind the sing-along title, but consider it doubly confirmed now. Gamekyo not only lists the Japanese dev in its news story on the game, iNiS president Keichi Yanno can be seen busting what appears to be a rhyme in product shots of the game.


Other early shots give us a look at the Lips microphones that have lights on the shaft that "pulse to the rhythm of your voice" along with motion sensors that let players "dance, move or swing to score points," according to previously leaked marketing documents.

Gamekyo lists Lips as shipping in November.

Lips: first pics of the new karaoke game! [Gamekyo]


As it is, any schlub can hum their way through a song and get a stellar score without knowing any of the words.

It's true that you can sing (and/or wordlessly hum) on pitch without actually sounding good at it, since accuracy does not equal pleasantness, but far fewer people have an accurate sense of pitch than think they do. (Case in point: American Idol auditions.) So "any schlub"? No. Some schlubs on Medium or lower, maybe, and a very few schlubs on the harder difficulties who think they're proving some grand point, but mostly just make me roll my eyes. This is where the discrepancy between mindsets (i.e. having casual fun with a game vs. trying to beat/break it) becomes kinda obvious, and I know where I'd rather sit where RB is concerned....

As for the microphones themselves: first thing I thought was, "Wow, and how many batteries are THOSE going to eat up?"