First Look at Buying Nintendo 3DS Downloadable Content

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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is apparently flying off store shelves in Japan. Gamers can beef up their Final Fantasy music game experience with some pricey DLC. Sister site Kotaku Japan put the game through its downloadable content paces.


As Kotaku Japan pointed out, this is the first DLC for the Nintendo 3DS. The DLC is accessed via an in-game store, and the whole thing took less than two minutes from start to finish.

What's interesting, according to Kotaku Japan, is that the first thing players see—even before the main menu—is "Touch Here for DLC".

For Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, each song is sold separately. There are no DLC packs. Currently, each song is on sale for ¥100 or US$1.27. They are usually ¥150 ($1.91) per song.

購入手順はかなりお手軽! [Kotaku Japan]


I like the lack of a password/pin system to buy things. Kids will love that.