First Induction Ceremony For Video Game Hall Of Fame

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Video games now have more in common with rock and roll and baseball than games Guitar Hero and MLB 10.


This Thursday the International Video Game Hall of Fame in Ottumwa, Iowa is set to start its first induction ceremony. The event, dubbed the "Big Bang" to commemorate the birth of organized video game playing, is set to last four days and organizers are hoping for a big turn out of around 5,000. The focus of the celebration will be the induction of 29 video game creators, developers, high-score holders and a single game, Pac-Man.

The hall, backed by city leaders, is looking to include more than 4,000 arcade machines as the main attraction for the museum. One day Ottumwa may have as famous a hall of fame as Cooperstown or Cleveland.

Video game hall to hold first induction [Chicago Tribune]


Gotta love everyone crapping all over this idea. I, for one, am sick of every single gaming event being held in California, New York, Boston, Chicago, etc (but mostly Cali, or worse, overseas). I think this is fantastic, and I really hope to make it over there (I'm on the other side of the state, so it's a few hours away, but not too bad) fairly soon.

Not everything has to happen in some huge, inflated city with an equally inflated ego.