Motorsport | OSAKA, JAPAN: A copy of Forza 4 and a press kit landed on my desk today. Can't wait to check it out. (Photo: Brian Ashcraft | Kotaku)

Clive Owen's Embarrassing Video Game Past

British actor Clive Owen is a badass. A man's man. He's got a deep voice, a heavy face, and is usually in movies where he kills things, or is at least around things being killed.
Did you know, however, that between leaving the UK and making it big in Hollywood he appeared in one of the most... More »


First PlayStation Vita Games Priced

When the PS Vita goes on sale Dec. 17 in Japan, it will cost ¥25,000. With the weak dollar, that's US$326. So it's best to go by the portable's American pricing: More »


Destroyed Beauty? This Gears of War Art is More Like Beautiful...Beauty

There's an established, if corny description of the art of Gears of War: "destroyed beauty". I don't like typing it, I especially don't like hearing it. More »


Why Gaming's Most Famous Transgender Character Remains a Controversial Topic

Quick history lesson for those who don't know: there's a character in Final Fight who in Japan was a sexy lady. A sexy lady you had to punch in the face. More »


Behold. A Fleet of Cars Owned by Nerds.

This past weekend, a parking lot in Tokyo's Odaiba glimmered with geek pride. This weekend saw the Ita G Festa expo. Gear-heads gathered and showed off more than their appreciation for automobiles. More »

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