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When the PS Vita goes on sale Dec. 17 in Japan, it will cost ¥25,000. With the weak dollar, that's US$326. So it's best to go by the portable's American pricing: $250. With that in mind, how much are Vita games going to cost?

According to Famitsu, Uncharted: Golden Abyss costs ¥5,980 for the cartridge version and ¥4,900 for the download version.


That's $78 and $63 respectively with the exchange rate. It's safe—although unconfirmed—to assume that the cartridge version will retail for $59, while the download version will cost $49.

According to the upcoming issue of a Japanese game mag, the cartridge version of Hot Shots Golf 6 is ¥4,980 ($65), and the download version is 3,900 ($51).

Ridge Racer on the PS Vita, however, has a lower price point. It costs ¥3,980 for the cartridge version; the download version is only a hair cheaper at ¥3,580. Those prices come in at $52 and $47 with the weak dollar. Once again, imagine that they will be priced at $39 and $35 for the U.S.

Though, Namco is offering Ridge Racer for a lower price for a limited time. Between Dec. 17 and Mar. 31, the download version of Ridge Racer is ¥2,980. With the exchange rate, that's actually $39, but in Japanese money, it's roughly the equivalent of $29.


Katamari: No Vita is priced at ¥4,980 ($65) for a cartridge and ¥4,480 ($58) for the download version. Likewise, Namco is offering the download version at a lower price between Dec. 17 and Mar. 31. It will cost ¥3,980 ($52). Once again, the dollar amounts are high due to the exchange rate.

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