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First Footage of Burnout Crash! on Kinect May Leave Burnout Fans Hopping, Mad

Criterion Games has a Burnout spin-off coming to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network this fall, a game inspired by game shows and pinball, its creators say. Burnout Crash! is also the first Burnout game to support Kinect, an option that may leave you with a burning sensation.


First footage of Burnout Crash! has one thing we've come to expect from our Kinect games with driving controls—holding ones hands at ten and two, miming a grip on a steering wheel. It also requires what appears to be excessive jumping up and down, the motion required to make things blow up.

If that control option seems too strenuous on your quads and glutes, you of course have standard button-mashing controls—"press A to explode"—while playing this top-down arcade game.


So far, this doesn't look like the Burnout revival I was looking forward to. But I like things inspired by pinball, so I'll have to crash hands-on before passing judgment on Burnout Crash!. What do you think, Burnout vets?

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What the hell is this?

This could be $1 and I'd still have to think on it.