Yesterday's official announcement of The Punisher: No Mercy for PlayStation 3 was sadly devoid of real details and, maybe more importantly, screen shots to be harshly judged. Fortunately, GameSpot has pulled back the curtain on the Unreal Engine-powered first-person shooter, giving us a look at exclusive screens and gameplay details. Joining the Punisher in his quest to shoot people in the face include Marvel B-listers Silver Sable, Barracuda, Jigsaw, and Bushwacker, we learn. While the whole thing sounds like a straightforward arena-style shooter, my fondness for the Punisher may warrant a sale. Read on to see if you agree. Oh, and speaking of sales, anyone want to buy my copy of Amazing Spider-Man #129? First appearance of the Punisher! Reasonable offers will not be refused! The Punisher: No Mercy Exclusive Q&A - First Details [Gamespot]