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First Details About Xbox 360 Raiden IV Home Port

Illustration for article titled First Details About Xbox 360 Raiden IV Home Port

The upcoming issue of Japanese gaming mag Famitsu has the first details about the Raiden IV home port. The game will be hitting the Xbox 360 and will feature the standard arcade game, plus two new stages, LIVE and the ability to share replay saves with online buddies. There's even an option for vertical ("tate") for those with swivel arm HD TVs who want that true vertical shooting experience. Game shoots up Japanese Xbox 360s this September.


First Raiden IV 360 Details [Arcade Renaissance]

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Mmmm. Raiden has always been a beacon of excellent Shump fun, mostly because its tough but not thumbscrew torturously tough like Ikaruga.

Now bring the game to America you jerks! Region locks, Ferret SMASH!