First Dead Space 3 Screenshots Stand Shoulder to Shoulder

Illustration for article titled First emDead Space 3/em Screenshots Stand Shoulder to Shoulder

These images "leaked" by All Games Beta supposedly give us our first proper look at the upcoming Dead Space 3, ahead of a more official outing over the coming days.


They depict a pair (I'd say one of them is Isaac Clarke but his face is so everyman I can't be sure) engaging in some cutely-staged co-op manoeuvres, looking for all the world like this was a Lost Planet dress-up party.

It also looks like there's enemies in this who know how to use a gun, and bad guys who look a lot like the ones we already know from the series, albeit dressed for cooler climates.


These shots follow on from a smaller reveal from earlier in the week.

Dead Space 3 [All Games Beta]

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Uh... why would Isaac need to be wearing some sort of winter parka? He's in a futuristic suit that protects him from the vacuum of space. Wouldn't that be good enough?