First Dante's Inferno Gameplay Footage

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So Dante's Inferno is "EA does God of War". Doesn't bother us. Dead Space was "EA does Resident Evil", and it was great. These are the same guys, we expect the same results.


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It looks decent, but I'm still not a fan of the premise.

I just don't think that an action hack-n-slash version of a literary classic (Complete with cheesy "Go to Hell" tagline) is the best idea if we want people to see gaming as anything more than a juvenile, mindless diversion, incapable of any depth or real storytelling.

I'm not saying every game should be Braid, I love me a good action game. This game looks great, I'm sure I'll play and enjoy it. It's just that the games-as-art douchebag in the back of my mind can't help feeling a little worried that maybe it's too early for gaming to be tackling something as influential as Dante's Inferno.