First Brief Details On Left 4 Dead's New "Survival" Mode

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As promised, first concrete details on the Left 4 Dead "Survival Pack" were released on the most recent episode of GameTrailers TV. As expected, the new downloadable content brings two campaigns to Versus Mode. And?


The "Survival" multiplayer mode, which is separate from Versus and the cooperative Campaign modes, will allow "up to four players set records for the longest time surviving hordes of zombies on over 12 maps," according to GameTrailers.


Whether that means segmented, bite-sized chunks of currently playable online campaigns remains to be seen. Our hope is that Valve has new zombie obstacle courses in the works for Left 4 Dead's "Survival Pack," but my judgment may be impaired by the prospect of finally playing Versus mode versions of Death Toll and Dead Air.

Footage proof of the newly playable Versus versions of Death Toll and Dead Air is featured in the latest GTTV. Sadly, no video of Survival mode made it into the show. My heart is currently going through its own zombie apocalypse from the disappointment.

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