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Ninja Theory, the team behind the PlayStation 3 exclusive Heavenly Sword, has made quite clear its intentions to go multi-platform with its next title, a game that will be published by Namco Bandai. That game is Enslaved.


According to the newest issue of Game Informer magazine, Enslaved is a "post-apocalyptic journey" and.... well, that's about all we know about the game. We're sure there's much more to it than that, but the magazine's cover seems far more interested in revealing details on Iron Man 2. Oh, I'm sorry, I meant Crackdown 2.

GI does make mention of Crackdown 2's multiplayer modes — four-player co-op and 16-player competitive matches, they tease — but doesn't offer much more than a bit about the game having a "dark new story."

October Issue Revealed [Game Informer]

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