First Big Boss, And Then Raiden (With Censored Kojima Interview)

Leaked scans from the upcoming Famitsu show what looks like another familiar Metal Gear character: Raiden.

Raiden means "thunder and lightning" in Japanese — fitting as the teaser site has mostly been thunder and lighting. Oh, rain, there has been rain. (Who knows though if this character is actually Raiden, maybe it's Gray Fox?)


Those hoping for a plethora of details from the Famitsu reveal, tough luck. The title of the article is "Director Kojima Interview With Tons of Blanked Out Words: Talking The Latest MGS."

The interview seems to be mostly that: blanked out words.

See all those white dots? Those are blanked words. The big text on this page shows an exchange between the interview and Kojima. The interview asks, "Is it okay to print everything?" (Which gives substantial insight onto how Famitsu rolls.)


Kojima replied, "If you blank out words, it's okay."

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