First Apple Tablet Game Officially Announced [UPDATE]

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Stand Alone Inc, maker of a Crosswords program for the iPhone, claimed today that it is also making a version of its game for the unannounced Apple tablet computer or, as they call it, the iPad.


In a press release bearing no official Apple seal of approval but plenty of forward thinking, Stand Alone president Bob Gottlieb said today that his company's Crosswords App, which has been reviewed over 1700 times, is being modified for the Apple tablet computer that is widely expected to be announced on Wednesday at an Apple event in San Francisco.

"We have been anticipating the Apple tablet as the greatest piece of hardware for App developers since iPhone itself," Gottlieb said in the release. "Crosswords will be even better on the new device."

From the press release

The Tablet version of Crosswords should keep the core functionality of the original, but optimize the user interface to be more reminiscent of its newspaper roots. Users will still be able to use the integrated hint and look up systems, import or download new daily puzzles, enjoy the expanding catalogue of free puzzles, and enjoy in-app support for premium subscriptions to puzzles such as the New York Times. "The goal," says Gottlieb, "is to utilize the larger screen, but keep both the functionality and the sleek, intuitive, custom design that our users love."

We've checked in with Stand Alone to find out if they're just planning based on good guesswork or if these folks know something we won't know for real until tomorrow.

[UPDATE: Brian Akka, whose marketing firm, Appular, sent out the press release, downplayed skepticism, saying this project is real. "It's a concrete plan to redesign the game around a 10-inch screen interface, although nothing code-wise has been changed yet."]


Kotaku will be able to support some Apple-confirmed news tomorrow about whatever the iPhone-maker is announcing tomorrow, Apple Tablet, iPad, Apple Etch-A-Sketch or otherwise.



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